Online Creation Tools

Online creation tools are something that I was definitely not familiar with until this class, although they are an aspect of the digital world that I hope to continue using as another tool in my classroom. I had a lot of success with this tool, but I also had a few struggles when I first began. My journey along the use of online creation tools was overall a great one, and here is how it went.

I started by going to an article Online Creation Tools: Piktograph and Canva which was extremely helpful in the deciding process. I know that I can definitely be an indecisive person at times, especially when I am given numerous options. I appreciate this article because it showed me aspects of two websites, and then I was able to make my choice on which one I thought would best suit me. After reading through both of these I decided to use Piktochart, because it seemed to be the most user friendly. I knew that I would need a website that was fairly ‘dumbed down’ and easily navigable.

Piktochart was just the site for me! I decided that I wanted to take short cuts from the beginning and just try to figure it out without any insight. From the start I skipped over the video, thinking that I could just jump right in; boy was I wrong. I had no idea what I was doing, and I hadn’t a clue where to begin. After struggling for a bit, and getting a touch frustrated I decided to actually watch the helpful video. After watching this I was then able to actually accomplish something useful, without getting irritated.

My final piktochart came out great, in my opinion for a first timer. Here is where you can look at what I came up with for my ILP (cooking): new-piktochart_29546306 . I tried to make it fun, simple, and easy to look at. I figured my first online creation tool should be useful, and easy to replicate if necessary. I could definitely see myself using these for a fun way to create flyers for clubs, worksheets, quizzes, or direction sheets. Any way that you can implement creativity into a classroom you should do so. This can potentially inspire the students, keep things exciting in your class, and give the students something new to look at rather than the same boring worksheets.

Online creation tools can be used in an abundant amount of ways in the classroom, by both the students and the teachers. I think that this assignment was a great way to show us new tools, how we can use them, and a way to incorporate our Independent Learning Project. I always appreciate learning about new digital tools that I can utilize in my future classroom.